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What Auto Is This? This Econo Car Had Art Deco Style..

This car company was founded in 1917 and produced cars till 1954 when it would become part of the AMC merger madness of the 1950′s. This model would resurface in 1936 and would be this companies low price offering. This car companies founder was known for sturdy kitchen appliances as well as durable automobiles. 1936 would see the innovation that would be a favorite of American teenagers for decades.The front seats would fold down flat into the rear seats.Creating an in car bed. Perfect for watching “Submarine Races”.

For a low priced car it had some upscale features. Full hydraulic brake system, heater and dual taillights were standard issue for the low selling price of $595.00 out the door. This company would be one of the first to offer in house financing. Hmmm whats the 48 month payment on $595.00. Oh how times have changed. Riding on a 117 inch wheelbase the ride was supple but handling was very barge like. As were most American cars of the day. Interiors were of mohair and broadcloth with fake wood accents on the dash and door tops. Again very upscale for a $595.00 car.

Power was from a 223 cubic inch Flathead Six Cylinder rated at 93 horsepower. The maker claimed it offered “Superior power while giving better economy than smaller cars” The engine did prove to durable and economical to run. Sadly this maker would fall victim to the merger debacle of the 1950′s and die a quiet death in 1957. What Auto is This??


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