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What's It Worth? 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Coupe ..Henry Loses A "T" But Gains An "A"

With a lot of kicking and screaming even ole Henry Ford knew it was time to replace his Tin Lizzy The Model T. Not a person to embrace change Henry Ford watched as other makes like Chevy launch much more modern vehicles by the late 1920′s. When the Model A was introduced in 1927 it was a ground breaking car for stodgy Ford

So hungry for the new Ford was the Pre-Depression public that Ford had to blackout windows in showrooms and transport the first Model A’s covered and under wraps. Lines at some Ford dealers were blocks long. Some car crazed future customers camped out for days to purchase the all new Ford.

All new was indeed true. Unlike the very basic Model T the “A” had a conventional four cylinder engine, electric starter and three speed manual transmission. Also unlike the the “T” the Model A was available in many colors not just Black.

By July 24th 1929 over two million model A’s found new homes. The Model A has always enjoyed a strong following. They are simple and rugged. Parts are cheap and readily available. Club support is strong. Over 4 million were made.

That helps and also hurts values. One sad factor hurting values is a lot of the people who love and enjoy these 1920-30′s classics are dying off. Coupes and Roadsters hold higher values than the Plain Jane sedans.

Our Feature 1931 Ford Model A is a recently correctly restored Deluxe Coupe in superb condition. It is driven on a regular basis for Sunday Drives, Tours and Parades. Enjoyed as it should be. WHAT'S IT WORTH?

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