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What's It Worth? 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV ..The Fave Ride Of a Chubby TV Detective..

In 1974 Lincoln and Ford were on a roll. The horrors of the OPEC oil embargo had not yet fully laid waste to the full size American car. 1974 would also be the last year for leaded fuel because 1975 would introduce catalytic converters requiring unleaded gasoline and more bloat, less power.

In 1974 all Lincoln’s would all have 5 mph safety bumpers front and rear. Powering the over two ton Mark IV was Lincoln’s smogified 460 V8 rated at a tepid 212 horsepower. The Mark IV was lavished all the best Lincoln had to offer. Rich leathers, velours and full pile carpet graced the plush interior. The famous Lincoln grill and yards of chrome adorned the exterior. A true land yacht.

This lavish rolling living room might be the Best Bloated Luxury Car Of All Time. A favorite of chubby TV detective Frank Cannon and pimpified Huggy Bear the Mark IV was indeed a statement on wheels. A True Barge on wheels.

Our feature 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark VI is a true survivor car. Looking like something from a Quinn Martin Production with only 13,200 miles it is still in the hands of its original owner. Keep in mind that 70's American Luxury cars are increasing in value fast. WHAT'S IT WORTH>>>>

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