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What's It Worth? 1979 Ford Fairmont... Worth More Than The Sum Of It's Parts

By the late 1970′s Ford was in need of a compact sedan to replace the aging Ford Maverick. Not that the Ole Reliable Mav was a bad car it was just outdated and outclassed by other cars in its category.

The all new 1978 Fairmont was a clean sheet of paper for Ford. It’s versitile platform known as the “Fox” would be the base for many future Ford models including the 1979-2004 Mustang.

Unlike the ole Mav the Fairmont offered large interior space in a smaller package. The Fairmont would also be the first USA Ford Sedan to have rack and pinion steering.

You could get your Fairmont and it’s sister car the Mercury Zephyr in many body types. Two and four door sedans, a station wagon and a swoopy coupe called the Futura.

Like most late 70′s US car the Fairmont suffered from poor quality control. So bad at one time 60 Minutes did a story on a few Fairmonts that left the factory with a Fairmont badge on the front and a Zepyr badge on the rear. Ford did seem to get it together and the Farimont turned out to be not to “junk-ish”.

Oddly clean low mile Fairmont’s have started to become collectable as has most things from the Disco Ball Era. Our feature 1979 Ford Fairmont is what our friend Danny T would call a "Charmer". For those who don't know what a "Charmer" is simply stated its a semi repulsive lump that seems to run forever, has a great story and despite its "Gross-A-Rocity" Charms you into liking it. This 79 Fairmont is indeed Charmer and a Rat Rod

Our feature Charmer is a second owner car that was with prior owner Barry Maloney of Northeast Towing and Recovery of Mt Sinai Long Island for many years. Then finally sold to be made into a Retro Street Rod.

It has served duty as a daily driver, parts runner, storage facility, loaner car, lunch room and movie car. Yes this 1979 Ford Fairmont has in fact been in 2 movies.

Adding to the fun of The Mont it has recently been upgraded with a 2 barrel Weber Carburetor provided by our friends at Weber Carbs Direct. Installed by Vintage Auto Appraisal's own Johnny Baumann. The Ole 200 In Line Six now purrs like a kitten and is De-Smoggified, Making Tree Hugger's weep as it cruises by.

Besides the Weber Carburetor these other new parts were installed. New Battery, Battery Cables, Solenoid, Front Tires, Distributor Cap, Dist Rotor, Spark Plugs, Wires, PCV Valve, Ignition Box, Front Brake Pads and Rotors.

So the question What's It Worth? In the terms of fun provided and quirky memories it is Priceless. The Big Question is WHAT'S IT WORTH?? SEE BELOW >>>

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