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What's It Worth? 1952 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup ..Advanced Design Five Window Wonder

After World War II the car and truck buying public was hungry for vehicles, any vehicles. For the first two year after WWII the Big 3 force fed the public warmed over pre war models with the same ole mechanics and sheet metal.

Chevrolet and the style guru's in Harley Earl's studios had begun on an entire new truck line prior to WWII but the dark clouds of WWII forced design and production to cease due to the war effort. Introduced in June 1947 it was touted by Chevrolet as the Advance Design series.

Gone were the slab sides of prior GM trucks. Rounded fenders front and rear, swept back windshields, curvy hood and roof lines would be a design cue for GM and Chevrolet till 1955.

Not so Advance Design was the mechanics, not that it was a bad thing. The tried a true Old Stovebolt now called the Thriftmaster was reliable, economical, offer good power and smooth performance. The only transmission offered on the light duty pickups or the 3100's was the "Three On The Tree" 3 speed manual with no 1st gear syncro till 1954.

Options were few. Mostly trim and cab configurations. The 5 window option proved to be great idea and was a forefather of future pickups with extended cabs. Thru 1954 Chevrolet would do many upgrades such as engine, suspension and trim but that basic sexy body would stay the same.

Coveted by both restorers and hot rodders the 1948-1954 Chevrolet Pickups have stood the test of time and are highly sought after and still loved by millions.

Our feature 1952 Chevrolet 3100 Series 5 Window Pickup is a rare find indeed. Purchased new in ultra dry Oklahoma in 1952 it spent it's entire life there until it recently was purchased by a gentleman in Long Island NY.

Paint, trim, interior, glass, body rubbers and trim are all in Patina Like Original Condition.

Prior to being sold a Camaro front clip with lowered springs were installed in the front. Making it a perfect candidate for a V8 swap. Current engine power is a later 235 Six Cylinder and stock torque tube rear end.

On this truck there are two questions. Do you re-paint it or leave the original Patina? We say leave it. Clearcoat, put in a modern drivetrain, brakes and wide whites. Much like a finely weather leather jacket you can't duplicate the look.

The other question is What's It Worth? Due to the popularity of these iconic trucks and it's hard to find rust free but weathered look we say WHAT'S IT WORTH? >>>>

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