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What’s It Worth?? 1983 Dodge Rampage Pickup ..Mopar Guys Chop Up an Omni

Based on the Omni/O24 platform the Dodge Rampage and its cousin the Plymouth Scamp was Chrysler's answer to the popular VW Rabbit Pickup. Produced between 1982-1984 it was the USA’s first and last car based front wheel drive pickup.

By the early 1980′s boosted by sales of the all new K- Car Lee Iaccoca and Chrysler were on a roll. Wanting to be the Anti-GM and a Rabbit Wanna-Be Chrysler brought out some very non mainstream vehicles at that time.

Seeing a need for a light hauler the Rampage was introduced in 1982. Powered by the soon to be Corporate workhorse 2.2 liter four cylinder it had a whopping 96 horsepower. Shifting was done by a Rubbery 5 speed manual or a 3 speed "Slip-O-Matic" auto trans.

Even with its soft suspension the Rampage could handle compared to other pickups of its day. Being a light hauler you could carry up to 1145 lbs making it a true half ton pickup. Way more hauling than the 750 lbs rated Rabbit Pickup.

Collectors are starting to see that many of these odd-ball K-Car and Omni variants are going to be valuable someday. Will they be Hemi Cuda valuable? Not a chance ! What they offer is steady rising values in easy to fix packages, dirt cheap parts and quirky Rampage coolness.

Our feature 1983 Dodge Rampage is a rust free Utah pickup with only 32,888 miles. Paint and interior in like new condition. Has a 5 speed trans with power windows and A/C. WHAT'S IT WORTH? >>>

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