Vintage Auto Appraisal Presents The 2017 "Bugging Out" Classic VW Cross Country Tour..

It's only in the begining stages but Vintage Auto Appraisal has been asked to plan a Cross Country Tour involving Classic Cars. What better quirky personality filled old car than an Luft Cooler VW?

Here is the idea. We start from Times Square May 2017. Head the 2017 Import Carlisle with our merry band of Vee Dub's. Spend a fun filled weekend as special guests of Import Carlisle. From there to the Canton Classic Car Museum then head westward via the famous Lincoln Highway.

Our a ragged group of crusty VW's will have all knids of adventures along the way. Stopping and staying at all kinds of amazing sights and places our beautiful country can offer. The goal will be to end the trip in San Francisco.

We will be working with sponsors and TV people to set up free lodging, fuel, meals, road support and transport back for the vehicles involved for our group of brave Vee Dubbing Nuts. It will be limited to 6 Vee Dub's. If chosen please figure a 10 day span from time we leave New York to San Francisco.

For more info on The Lincoln Highway Click Here

Remember this is just in the infant stages with a lot of work still to do. We will have exact dates etc ASAP. Send a little Bio, picture of your car and why you want to be on the tour. Use the easy to use CONTACT US button on the top of our website.

Hope to be "Bugging Out" with you soon..