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Special..What's It Worth? 1992 Lincoln Continental Signature Series "Saving Flint"

In the world of automotive Junk-a-teria’s and by gone era relics you will not find a better place to browse than Anthony Automotive in Port Jefferson New York. Owner Anthony Vertucci is a master tech who not only takes pride in his work but cares about his 1000′s of loyal customers. In this day of mega shops its a wonderful change of pace when you get “small town” service at Anthony Automotive. Anthony Automotive at times is a one man shop.

The problem with that situation is sometimes things well ummm can pile up. Parked in his busy back lot is a collection of forgotten often “mold-i-fied” relices from 1950′s to present day. So wonderful is the collection that even your Ole Friend Carlisle Johnny aka Johnny B has dragged and de-mold-i-cated a few vehicles. It must be something about the shade of the trees and the moist air from Port Jefferson harbor but these vehicles get a certain type of mold, slime and rust that we call “Rold” Most of the forgotten fleet even get there very own eco-system going that would make Al Gore proud

My first “Rold” purchase from Anthony Automotive was a 1987 Dodge D50 Pickup. A cute little 4×4 with the clicky clackity Mitsu engine it had sat so long that the Rold had seized the from brake pads to the rotors. Oddly some fresh fuel and a charged battery and the little D50 started and well ran. Popping the cluch de-stuck the front brakes and using and ice scraper got the black Rold off the front windsheild. my first stop with Old Roldy was the local car wash. The nice Spanish man at first refused to wash it “You truck is Gleen!! Gleen!! No mold in wash!!

After slipping him a 5 spot we drove it thru. Well it was still Gleen or Green but less Gleen. Once home a combo of Tilex and bleach de-molded it. Well what do you know its "Glay" oh I mean Grey. I drove that little truck for years.

Anthony being well a good guy can not refuse helping people.