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Special..What's It Worth? 1992 Lincoln Continental Signature Series "Saving Flint"

In the world of automotive Junk-a-teria’s and by gone era relics you will not find a better place to browse than Anthony Automotive in Port Jefferson New York. Owner Anthony Vertucci is a master tech who not only takes pride in his work but cares about his 1000′s of loyal customers. In this day of mega shops its a wonderful change of pace when you get “small town” service at Anthony Automotive. Anthony Automotive at times is a one man shop.

The problem with that situation is sometimes things well ummm can pile up. Parked in his busy back lot is a collection of forgotten often “mold-i-fied” relices from 1950′s to present day. So wonderful is the collection that even your Ole Friend Carlisle Johnny aka Johnny B has dragged and de-mold-i-cated a few vehicles. It must be something about the shade of the trees and the moist air from Port Jefferson harbor but these vehicles get a certain type of mold, slime and rust that we call “Rold” Most of the forgotten fleet even get there very own eco-system going that would make Al Gore proud

My first “Rold” purchase from Anthony Automotive was a 1987 Dodge D50 Pickup. A cute little 4×4 with the clicky clackity Mitsu engine it had sat so long that the Rold had seized the from brake pads to the rotors. Oddly some fresh fuel and a charged battery and the little D50 started and well ran. Popping the cluch de-stuck the front brakes and using and ice scraper got the black Rold off the front windsheild. my first stop with Old Roldy was the local car wash. The nice Spanish man at first refused to wash it “You truck is Gleen!! Gleen!! No mold in wash!!

After slipping him a 5 spot we drove it thru. Well it was still Gleen or Green but less Gleen. Once home a combo of Tilex and bleach de-molded it. Well what do you know its "Glay" oh I mean Grey. I drove that little truck for years.

Anthony being well a good guy can not refuse helping people. A friend of ours Tom who is a Ford-o-file like Anthony needed a station car for cheap. Hmmm what to give him? Well how about the 1992 Lincoln Continental with a collapsed air suspension that has been sitting for six years. To say the Conti was a little moldy would be like saying Rosie O’Donnell over eats slightly at Wendy’s.

Armed with 2 cans of Seafoam, a few gallons of fresh fuel, air hose for filling the suspension and a jump box Anthony and Tom were going to attempt to get the Conti going. By now the air suspension had fallen to the point were you could not slide a paper plate under the car. Tom being super mondo Ford guy used good old fashioned air a raised the Titanic beast up in to the air. Fresh fuel on top of the tank of sludge topped off with Seafoam. Next hook up the jump box and pray. The doors opened with a sound of slab of salmon hitting a wall.. ”Schlurp“.. Tom slid behind the now Moldified steering wheel. The blue leather had turned to the mold version of a Peter Max painting..very colorful but gross. Anthony hooked up the jump box and with few cranks the Lusitania like beast started up. Idled smooth and after running for an hour it showed no signs of oil leaks or overheating. In fact all major systems worked perfect.

Tom lurched the land barge forward and it moved an entire 20 feet with no problems. Fiddling with the different swiches and knobs proved the radio, power windows, power memory seats and heater system worked. While this was all being done the car stood running with not a drop of oil or coolant leaking. If we had access to a dealer plate we would of taken the Conti for a quick ride. Would of been a hoot to go to a snooty place with valet parking. Get dressed in tuxedos and hand the mold riddled keys to the valet parking dude..’Pardon me young man do you have any "Grey Poupon".

Ford Guru Tom’s plans for the Stinkin Lincoln include gallons of Tilex, a gross of air freshners, a skid of saddle soap and new fluids. If you happen to be in Port Jefferson and you see a shiny white 92 Lincoln Continental with a blue fake canvas roof it just might be Tom. Give him a wave because once again another Mold Wagon has been saved from the iconic Anthony Automotive..All this mayhem happened last summer.

Now fast forward to present day. Tom gave the Ole Conti the name of "Flint". Perfect considering Flint's granite like attitude. Surviving Mold Land and being resurected to his daily driver. Now comes the question What's Flint Worth?

As we said before late 1980's and early 1990's big American Cars are starting to gain in value. Will they ever be six figure vehicles. Probally not. Have they hit the bottom of there value range and are going up in value..Yes. Most of these front drive Conti's are now taking up space in some Junk Yard or their recycled metal is now being made into Hyundai's. Making a running driving example odd and kinda rare. Even more shocking is the horrific Air Ride System on Flint is in good working order.

Epilogue: Sadly after this story was written our Friend Tom D went home to Jesus. We are sure he is working on Crusty Ole Fords in the Blue Oval Garage in the Sky.



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