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What's It Worth? 1971 AMC Javelin AMX ..The Rodney Dangerfield of Muscle Cars

In the world of high dollar Muscle Cars it tough sometimes to get respect. When you are “getting no respect” AMC its hard to stand out in a world full of Cuda’s, Mustangs and Big Block Camaro’s. For much of its history AMC was considered an outside looking in compared to the Big Three.

Despite being the Rodney Dangerfield of Muscle Cars AMC produced some the most potent tire burners money could buy. After the solid sales of the original 2 seater AMX the Go Fast Boys at AMC had to follow up with something special. All new for 1971 the Javelin series would be the base for the 2nd generation AMX. Gone was the two seater body in favor of a swoopy shape inspired by the 1968 Corvette Stingray.

AMC’s design chief Dick Teague switched from the slab sided shape of the first AMX to a larger wider car filled with curves and a tight fitting rear seat. An egg crate grille in the front with a intregated spolier in the rear made the 2nd gen AMX stand out from the crowd. If you checked the AMX box on your order form you got a choice of two engines. The trusty 360 V8 and the rumbling 355 horsepower 401 V8 with a Carter 4 barrel carb. Most 1971 AMX’s came with the Borg Warner 4 speed but you could opt for the workhorse Chrysler 3 speed Torqueflight auto trans.

If you wanted to have Stop with your Go the Go-Pack option gave you front disc brakes and upgraded suspension. The interior was also all new with high back bucket seat, aviation style instrument panel and Torque Command console and shifter. In many ways the AMX was a much better built, driving and faster car than its rivals from the Big Three.

Even with that the AMX could never shake the stigma of being and AMC or “All Mistakes Combined” as the joke goes. Hurting values. A shame...

Our feature 1971 AMC AMX features an older resto that was done to high standards. It has the go fast 401 V8, the Torquefight auto trans and Go-Pack option. Don’t forget this is not a Mustang or Camaro and values reflect that. Even old Rodney Dangerfield got respect sometimes. Maybe its time the AMC AMX got the same treatment. WHAT'S IT WORTH? SEE BELOW

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