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What's It Worth? 1970 Ford Torino GT Convertible - Ford’s Performance Midsize Marvel

Introduced in 1968 as a upscale option to the popular Fairlane series. The Torino was Ford’s answer to Chevy’s popular Malibu and Chevelle lineup. From the start it sold well. In fact outselling its parent the Fairlane.

By 1970 the Torino became its very own model and the Fairlane became a downscale sub-model. Model year 1970 the Ford Torino grew in size, options and luxury. This plumpness would eventualy hurt it on the dragstrips of the USA. Also new was the “Coke Bottle Styling” that would become a Ford theme for its midsize offering and the Mustang.

Some people feel that this long hood short deck styling was Fords most attractive of the 1970′s. We agree. The body was longer by 5 inches over 1969 and wheelbase was 117 inches long in the coupes and convertible. If you went to your local Ford dealer you had a choice of over 17 different Torino models.

Ranging from the sedan, station wagon, convertible and new for 1970 “The Sports Roof” or fastback. Another new option for 1970 was the Torino GT. With engines ranging from the mild 302-V8 to a tire melting 429 V8.