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What’s It Worth?? 1972 Ford Pinto Runabout ...Even Ford’s Explode-A-Matic Becomes Collectible

Ok lets start by saying..”Don’t laugh” As with all things automotive everything old becomes collectible. In the late 1960′s seeing the increase of sales of small cars from Datsun and Toyota then Ford CEO Lee Iacocca ordered Ford’s design team to start working on a sub compact car.

Iacocca’s plan was simple. The car would be under 2000 lbs and under $2000.00 base price. Much like the legendary Model A the Pinto would have simple four cylinder mechanics and few options. Since Ford had no on the shelf engine in the USA they borrowed four cylinder engines from its European divisions. Engines ranged from 1.7 liter to 2.3 liter. In 1972 you could only get either the 1.7 or the 2.0 engines. Most Pinto’s came from the factory that year with the 2.0 liter. After 1973 the 2.3 liter OHC would be the engine of choice. That engine would remain in Ford’s stable into 1997 used on all different types of models.

Early Pinto’s had trunks only but the hatchback was introduced in late 1971 and the wagon in 1972. Pinto’s came at the right time for Ford. With the advent of the 1973 OPEC gas crisis Pinto’s were flying off the showroom floors. Sadly it was not the Pinto’s frugal nature buts it said to be exploding gas tanks that has tarnished its legacy.

Compared to other econo-car offerings from GM and Chrysler the Pinto was a not so bad car. As good as it was the Pinto just couldn’t compare to better products from Japan. Our feature 1972 Pinto is an estate car. Owned by a little old lady it has only traveled 17,215 miles since new. A true time capsule. Would make a good weekend driver with a story to tell for not a lot of Moolah.


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