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On The Road with Johnny B …The Million Dollar GTO, The Shot Heard Round The World.

The awesome announcers covering 2023 Mecum Auctions Kissimmee Florida called it “The Shot Heard Round The World” When a 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV Convertible sold for a Million Dollars!! Surely not as Historically Epic as the phrase that refers to the opening shot of the battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, which began the American Revolutionary War but in the Collectible Car World to the Common Man it is as important as the first Musket Ball fired in 1775.

This 1970 GTO Judge Ram Air IV was part of the famous Chuck Cocoma collection, one of only 7 built, high option GOAT and a subject of a Correct and Stunning Restoration. All contributing to its Fame and Astronomical Price of $1,000,000. Was it worth the Sold Price??

The answer is Yes and No.

In the Yes Category there is the Priceless Restoration, The Famous Owner, Documented Pedigree, Gaggle of Options and the now thanks to TV this GTO’s Fame. With the never before Power and Popularity of “Car TV” the Collectible Car Market has never been stronger nor have Prices ever been Higher with a Constant increase in Values.

In the No Category when the Lights Dim and the TV Cameras shut off Fame can dim. Yes values are going up but for how much longer? My experience tells me because of Social Media and Car TV we will have a Steady Rise the next 3 to 4 years, then will level off. Don’t see a Bubble Bursting like what happened before but when it comes the High Buck-A-Roo Cars there will a slight drop.

Collector more than the “Richie Rich’s” Why? We are at times Greedy and have Propensity and History of “Pricing Ourselves Out Of Our Own Hobby” and we also believe what we see on Car TV to be our guide. It is still Fantasy.

What that means is a Two Part Answer. First if you sell a Cherished Vehicle for profit only and want to get back into the hobby down the road expect to pay more, lots more $$. Second “Give A Fella A Break” When you have a Vehicle or Parts that you paid Pennies for during the Nixon Administration sure sell it for a Fair Price not a Car TV Fantasy Price. Passing those Fair Prices onto another might enable a New Generation of Car Collectors a start in the Collectible Vehicle World to keep Interest alive and Prices Strong.

To answer the literally Million Dollar Question was this 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV Convertible worth a $1,000,000? We say a resounding YES!.

See Below a Video When this GOAT Sold for a Million >>>>


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