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What’s It Worth? 1977 Pontiac Trans Am SE “The Bandit Would Be Proud”

If you were a young man in the mid 1970′s you lusted for a black and gold 1977 Pontiac Trans Am like the one The Bandit aka Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey and The Bandit. No small part of your youthful desire was that the Bandit was being chased by “Smokey” aka Jackie Gleason thru southern states.

The Bandit was blocking for a tractor trailer load of illegal Coors beer. The Bandit would jump rivers and smoke his tires from state to state. In the end winning the bet and the heart of Frog aka Sally Field. By 1977 the Pontiac Trans Am was one of the last American Muscle cars..sort of. Even in Black and Gold and with its “Screaming Chicken” decal on the hood the 77 T/A was a pale imitation of its former self. Smog and safety laws choked engines down to a maximum 200 horsepower for the 6.6 liter with the RPO-W72 option.

Even with its smog-ified engines the 77 Trans Am sold well. In no small part to the popularity of the Smokey and The Bandit movie. Our feature 1977 Pontiac Trans Am SE is a black and gold edition. It has the 180 horsepower 6.6 liter (400-V8) with the RPO-78 and Y81 option codes.

Options include the Husky Turbo 400 Trans and t-tops. Traveling only 42,800 miles it had a superb repaint aprox 2 years ago. At this years Barrett Jackson one of the Movie Promo Black and Gold Screaming Chicken Trans Am's with Burt Reynolds in attendance sold for a staggering $500.000!! Values of these piece's of Disco Ball Era Pop Art have been on the rise but keep in mind this is not one of the TA's used in the movie..

The big question once again is WHATS IT WORTH?? SEE BELOW >>>

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