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A Very Ho Ho Ho What's It Worth ..Santa, His Sleigh and The Reindeer ..Delivering Love Since The

Even Ole Santa has to follow some rules. Sharing air space with 747′s and other aircraft he needed to upgrade his insurance. His insurance company North Pole Insurance and Ice Berg Company wanted Santa to get an appraisal. That's when Santa’s sleigh manager Blitzen contacted Vintage Auto Appraisal. Hey what do you think Blitzen does the other 364 days a year???

With that Vintage Auto Appraisal took the North Pole Express Train to the “Der Frozen Balls” Train Station. Rudolph picked us up in Santa’s Escalade. Santa was to busy making some extra cash selling Reindeer T-Shirts on eBay. Santa met us at the workshop and was his usual "Ho Ho Ho" self. He brought us over to the Sleigh Garage.

Santa showed us the upgrades he did such as a Nav System and LED lights. After we inspected Santa's Sleigh the Reindeer had arrived. They were a little late because they were attending a Hot Yoga Class given by Mrs Claus. Santa hooked up the Reindeer to the sled and away we went on a ride..

Despite the fact Santa’s Sleigh is older than the dawn of time it rode very stable considering it can go a million zillion miles per hour and carry a jillion billion gifts. The only issue we had was with Prancer. Seems he ate a big bowl of chilli before flying. Lets just say that’s a Hindenberg type mistake Prancer will never make again.

We landed back in the Sleigh garage impressed how well Santa’s Sleigh rode. As we left Santa gave us some candy canes and a Starbucks Gift Card and off we went back home. Nice guy that Santa. WHAT'S SANTA'S SLEIGH WORTH??

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