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What's It Worth? ..1940 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Phaeton Model 40-71C, Dynaflash Beauty

The Great Depression was easing, FDR was in the White House, Prohibition was long gone and the American Public was buying New Automobiles again. Bread and Butter Makes such as Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Pontiac and Buick survived the Lean 1930's due to GM's Deep Pockets and shedding of Companion Makes, such as LaSalle and Oakland.

By 1940 Buick was humming along. Due to Harley Earl re-styled beauty's, a solid range of models such as the Super and the Roadmaster. Also helping Buick was the Rock Solid Ultra Smooth Dynaflash Straight Eight. In the Roadmaster Series 70 the Dynaflash was a Porky 346 Cubic Inches putting out a respectable for 1940 141 Horsepower.

When you bought a Buick Roadmaster it wasn't about going fast, it was about gliding in Comfort, Smooth Power and being "Master of The Road". 1940 Buick's also were the first year of No Running Boards" They were now inside, thus giving the Roadmaster a wider and lower look, Art Deco Modern thanks to GM's Art and Color Studio.

The 1940 Buick Roadmaster Convertible was no lightweight. Riding on a 126 inch wheelbase it tipped the scales at a Road Mastering 4480 lbs. You shifted the 3 speed transmission with a Three on The Tree Lever mounted on the steering column. No power steering was offered but at least you got a Man Hole Cover size steering wheel for leverage.

When you opted for the Phaeton you got standard issue leather interior, Panoramic dash board, lovely wool carpet and a "Soft Touch" Cloth Convertible Top. Interior volume was comfy and luxury filled. The ride was soft and pliable due due Beefy Coil Springs front and rear.

The Series 70 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Phaeton was Buick's second most expensive car in 1940, perhaps explaining it's low production numbers. Only 238 were produced making on rare Buick.

As always the big question is What's It Worth? Our feature 1940 Buick Convertible Phaeton has an older restoration but is still very presentable and show worthy. The Dynaflash Engine has been recently rebuilt. Some of the trim items such as grille and emblems are starting to get pitted. Our feature Buick runs and drives Superb.

It is painted in a lovely original color Sequoia Cream with a Tan Convertible Top and Supple Red Leather Interior.


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