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What's It Worth ..The Grinch-Mobile. Your A Mean One Mr Grinch

Sometime in the Appraisal Biz you do work for a Christmas Ruining Scoundrel. So when the Grinch's business manager "Sir Grumps Alot" contacted Vintage Auto Appraisal to do a Vintage Auto Appraisal Value Report on the Grinch-Mobile it was with no Fa La La La that we borded Der Frozen Chestnuts train line on our way to Whoville.

The Grinch was in a worse than usual mood. It seems his long suffering Dog Max had reported him to the Sleigh Pullers Union for violation of the "One Dog can not pull a Jillion Pound Sleigh" rule. Because of that Ole Grinchy had to upgrade his Grinch-Mobile with all kinds of safety items and a Hybrid Zero Emissions engine for Max. Thus needing our help. It seems not only is Mr Grinch a Grump but boy oh boy is he cheap..

So off we went on our test drive with a Grinch-Mobile full off stolen gifts. Max The Grinch Dog was enjoying the new Hybrid Engine System but we weren't enjoying Max. Somebody forgot to inform Max that Alpo and Taco Bell are not a good mixture..Whew!!

As we approached Whoville something happened. Like before as Christmas approached Ole Grinchy's Heart grew from the warmth and love of Christmas. He returned all the stolen gifts and made Christmas special again in Whoville. Oh well Mr Grinch we guess your not so bad after all.. WHAT'S THE GRINCH-MOBILE WORTH??

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