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What's It Worth? ..1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z28 ..80's "Big Hair" Camaro

Despite the moaning and groaning of Automotive Snobist's vehicles from the 1980's are fast becoming Uber collectible. What was considered by many as Junk Yard Filler a few years ago is now being sought after by a new generation of car nuts who fondly remember Bananarama and Gordon Gekko.

Introduced in December 1981 as an 1982 model the Third Gen Chevy Camaro was a completely new design in every way. Chiseled at every angle it featured a steeply angles windshield and large functional hatchback.

So new was the design that you could opt for up to four engine choices. Your base 1982 3rd Gen Camaro was saddled with the Tractor like but tough 2.5 liter Iron Duke 4 Cylinder engine. A choice by GM to get the Corporate MPG by car line down to meet the tough new EPA MPG standards. Happily if you checked the right box you could still get a Smogified 305 V8 Chevy Small Block.

Sales were strong for the 3rd Gen Camaro and GM tried to keep improving offering the excellent Tuned Port Injection swiped from the Corvette. In the 305 form the TPI was a respectable 190 Horsepower and in the sought after 350 a tire smoking 245 Horsepower. Not bad for an 80's Big Hair Car.

In 1985 Chevy offered an option for the popular Z28 package called the IROC. Named after the Camaro's that raced in the International Race of Champions it featured better breathing for a horsepower bump to 215, lowered suspension and Gatorback Directional tires. It was a sales hit.

By 1987 with sales still strong Chevy changed very little. Minor trim changes, colors and a third brake light were just a few. For once GM didn't mess with it's own success.

Model year 1990 would be the last for the IROC. Slumping sales of the IROC and GM's decision to not renew with the International Race of Champions was final nails in the coffin. Hey maybe GM did mess with it's own success after all. Till today the IROC Camaro remains a symbol of the 1980's

Our feature 1987 Chevrolet IROC T-Top Coupe is a low miles (only 43k) from new. Has the much trouble prone "leak-a-matic" T-Top roof. 305 TPI with a period correct Paxton Supercharger, MSD ignition and boost adjuster. Has the 700R-4 Auto Transmission and stock rear axle.

As with all GM vehicles of the era the factory paint is peeling and will need a total respray. The body is rust free and straight with no door sag. The interior is in like new condition and has yet to experience the Poseidon Adventure from the leaky T-Tops.

Like all GM products of the era Quality Control was not Job #1. So watch for poor body fit, rust and sagging headliners if you wanna buy one of these iconic 80's sleds.

Once again the big question is WHAT'S IT WORTH? >>> SEE BELOW >>>

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