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What's It Worth? 1968 Opel Kadett ..Classic German Econobox With Gusto

In the USA Opel’s are as the saying goes “as rare as Hens teeth” That is a shame because these fun to drive, robust Econoboxes were back in the day a common sight in Germany and Europe. The first Opel Kadett was introduced in 1937 and the last one was made in 1991.

Opel is known for making some of Germany’s best luxury sedans but it was the bread and butter Kadett that kept the cash flowing at GM of Germany cash cow. The Opel Kadett B was introduced at the 1965 Frankfurt Auto Show as the replacement to the long running stylish Kadett A.

Car critics of the day loved its crisp handling combined with a lusty engine but gave thumbs down to its boxy styling. Despite that the Kadett B sold well due to no small part to its many available body types and reliable frugal nature.

The Opel Kadett was produced between 1965-1973 and was sold in the USA thru selected Buick dealers.

The feature 1968 Opel Kadett was spotted at a recent Carlisle Car Corral. This little German 2 door sedan had a unverified 52,000 original mile. It appeared to be in excellent unrestored condition.

If you are looking for a cheap classic unusual Euro sedan you would not go wrong with an Opel Kadett.


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