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What's It Worth? 1956 Chrysler 300B ..Was This Hemi Luxury Liner The First Muscle Car?

Driven by victories in NASCAR and the influx of stylish cars from Europe Chrysler wanted to boost its image America’s performance car brand. After World War II Chrysler was known for its engineering but was considered frumpy and old fashioned.

For model year 1955 they introduced the C300. The “C” standing for “Coupe” and the “300″standing for its horsepower. Powered by a soon to be famous 5.4 liter “HEMI” it sported dual 4 barrel carbs and solid lifters. Style guru Vigil Exner gave the C300 the “Forward Look” Less glitz and chrome it was European in an elegant but aggressive tone.

By 1956 the C300 would become the 300B. The first in a long line of desired Chrysler “Letter Cars”. Engine size was increased to 5.8 liters or 355 cubic inches. Horsepower was a whopping 355 matching its size. A USA first.

Exner worked his wonders again and the 1956 300B had an even more Euro look. Going a different path than the Vette and the T-Bird 300′s have always been luxury performance cars. These cars have always been special in speed and luxury.

Our Roman Red 1956 Chrysler 300B has a superb recent restoration. It features period correct Kelsey Hayes wire wheels. Capable of tire smoking burnouts or living room luxury our feature 56 300B is worthy of its grand heritage. The big question is what is Uber Fast Luxury Mopar Living Room worth?

What's It Worth? SEE BELOW >>>

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