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What's It Worth? 1972 Dodge Charger SE Custom 400 Magnum ..A 26 Year Love Story

First introduced in model year 1966 the Dodge Charger was Chrysler's answer to GM's and Ford's midsize performance offerings. Only available in a two door hardtop it was slated to go head to head with such Icon's as the GTO, 442, SS Chevelle and Torino.

Even its name made it sound like you were going fast "Charger!!" The First Gen Chargers (1966-1967) were only offered with V8's. Engines ranging from a 318 V8 with a two barrel carburetor up to a 440 V8 (1967 only) or a Tire Burning 426 Hemi. Transmissions ranged from two manuals. A column mounted 3 speed or a Rock Crushing console mounted 4 speed. The only Automatic was the Workhorse Torque-Flight. As good as these First Gen Chargers were they never sold as well the competition. Only 15,788 Charger found new owners in 1967.

The Second Gen Charger was introduced for model year 1968. It's styling was considered by many as much more attractive than the first Gen Charger. A debate for another time. It's Coke Bottle look was both Handsome and Tough. Hidden headlights were standard as well as the 226 Slant Six Engine (Mid-Year 1968). Just not sure why you would desire a six cylinder Charger. Once again a debate for another time.

In trying to Keep up with the Jones's or GM, Ford and now AMC Dodge offered engines ranging from Mild to Wild. V8's ranged from 318's to 426 Hemi's, 440 Six Packs with a brain numbing amount choices with carbs, transmissions and rear ends. The Second Gen Charger was a Media and Sales Success. Ranging from model years 1968-1970.