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On The Road with Johnny B …How To Spend A 100K In A Day

Baking in the glow of another televised Mecum Collectible Car Auction a few thoughts have infiltrated my Brain Box. First..the Collector Car Hobby is stronger than ever. will remain strong for a very long time in our Post Pandemic World due to TV, Social Media and Un-Quenchable Thirst for Vehicles from the 1900’s-Present Day. Mostly..Prices are up. Way up. Making some Cars TV Stars and Legends. Some Stars of Mecum Kissammee sold between $1,000,000 to $3,000,000.

Average selling price of the more than 4000 vehicles at this televised Mecum Auction was above $100,000 per vehicle. I remember in the Good Ole Days when 100K got you a Legendary Collectible Car and a 3 Bedroom House. Yeah I know I’m old and times do change and yes mostly for the better.

This got me thinking again (yep that brains just keeps working) if I had 100K stuffed in my mattress what would I buy. Hmmmm?? Instead of buying just one Relic I would buy three. Even in today’s astronomical price era you can still get a Gaggle of Value Increasing Junk. With the help from our friends at Hemmings Motor News “The Bible of the Collector Car Hobby” we cruised thru the Vehicle For Sale Classified and came up with Three Categories to feed our Un-Quenchable Thirst, fill our Garage and Driving Needs.

1-Daily Driver.

2-1930s-1940s Art Deco Style Classic.

3-Road Warrior

Keep in mind these are the Asking Prices and like all purchases you might get a better deal if you have a motivated seller.

1-Daily Driver - 1971 Chevrolet C10 Pickup. When it comes to a Daily Driver you can’t go wrong with a Big American Pickup. If you are looking for style, comfort, reliability, ease of repair, parts availability and easy performance/safety upgrades you can’t go wrong with the Chevrolet C10 1967-1972.

These trucks are Handsome and Comfortable. This C10 is a very nice “Driver” not a Show Winner but a real looker. Reliable 350 Small Block, Turbo 400 Trans, A/C, P/S and Real Looker. At $39,500 it’s a great deal and values of these 67-72 C10’s are going to Skyrocket. We would add a Modern Fuel Injection System, Baer Brakes, Upgraded Ignition System, Overdrive Auto Trans (700R) and Vintage Air. Money well spent to enhance Performance, Comfort and Safety. On this nice 71 C10 you “Will Laugh All The Way To The Bank” if you sell in the future.

1930s-1940s Art Deco Style Classic - 1946 Oldsmobile 98 Four Door Sedan. When it comes to Style and Beauty GM and designer Harley Earl in the 1930’s to 1940’s were amongst the best in the world. The term “Art Deco” defines the grace and beauty. By 1946 GM was gearing up new models after WWII had ended. The subject 1946 Olds 98 is consi