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Winter Old Car Plans And Other Blabberings

As we close out another Carlisle Car Show Season the Windmills of my Mind spin once again about Winter Projects, the future of Vintage Auto Appraisal and the new project Weber Carbs 4 Less.

With Otto gone to a new home my Old Car Soul has been oddly rekindled with of all pieces of Junk my 1984 Benz 380se. A one owner car She is solid, good running and in dire need of somebody to love Her again. Not having to deal with any Rust or "Rold" is a new experience for me.

Mostly the 380se needs paint, assorted baubles, a good servicing, interior wood, re-dye the seats and located period correct AMG wheels, suspension, exhaust, body kit, drop out the catalytic converters and what ever else is needed to turn it into a Retro AMG Benz Road Gobbler. She has the solid bones and will be car of choice (if all goes to plan) for next years Carlisle Cruiser.

I have decided the poor Ole TR7 deserves to be put back on the road. Restored. Brought back to glory and not be treated like an oddball cousin at a family picnic. The TR7 was a gift from a friend, only has 43k miles on it and runs like a scalded cat after I de-cheesed the engine compartment and slapped on dual Weber 32/36 DGEV carbs. The TR7 will get new paint, interior (only drivers seat), top, sport exhaust and some neet-o cool 15 inch Panasport Wheels. The "7" or known as Mulva deserves to be a lady again.

Somehow this winter I need to find a TR6. Prices are nuts but I am sure there is a worn out hulk with my name on it. Prefer a pre 1973 but not to picky. My first car crush was a Chestnut Brown 1973 TR6. Haven't been the same since then. Let the search continue.

My final Old Car lust is finding a 1930's project. Going to save my pennies for next years Spring Carlisle and hope to find my 30's Charmer. Something about the Art Deco Depression Era vehicles stir my Old Car Soul. Inspire me and give me a sense of peace to a simpler time when God, family, friends and doing the right thing is life was the norm.

Vintage Auto Appraisal had it's best Carlisle Car Show Season ever. We did lots of appraisals, pre purchase inspections, ate, drank and told tall tales with old friends and made new ones along the way. Truly blessed to be part of the Carlisle Car Show Community. For next year we are going to be indoors for most shows and will be doing a series of video's, introducing Appraisal Man and buying new shirts and jackets for all. Lots to do before April and looking forward to the challenge.

As if I didn't have enough to do Starting Jan 2018 will be launching Weber Carbs 4 Less. We will be selling Real or Genuine Weber Carburetors and Weber Conversion Kits and wholesale prices to the public. You will be able to buy thru eBay or our easy to use website. Watch for launch and of course a Facebook page. Yet again another challenge.

Oh well I guess that's enough Blabbering for now. Time to get working and be thankful for a God Provided. See ya around the Showfield or on one of Life's Highways.

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