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What's It Worth? 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 Sport Coupe. Defining The Term "Super Sport"

Considered by many Chevelle-A-Philes model year 1966 was the best looking of all time when bragging about Chevy's Uber popular Mid Size Icon. Long before OPEC cast it's evil oil embargo on GM and the rest of the American Car Industry Horsepower was king and the Muscle Car's like the Chevelle SS396 was one it's Crown Prince's.

First introduced in 1963 the Chevelle or the GM A Body platform was intended to compete with the Ford Fairlane and Plymouth Belvedere. The Chevelle and Malibu would prove to much more successful than both midsize offerings form Ford and Mopar.

Not wanting to be a Red Headed Step Child to the Pontiac GTO and seeing speed sells the Bow Tie Boys introduced mid 1964 the Chevelle SS. First offered with the tried and true but quick 327 Small block V8. Horsepower could be order up to a very respectable 300 and thru a RPO #L79 from your local dealer you could get 350 Horsepower. By the end of 1965 you could special order the New Big Block 396 V8. Option #Z16 and only 201 were built.

Even though it was considered a first Gen Chevelle/Malibu model year 1966 was completely restyled by the Master Stylist Bill Mitchell and his GM Design Studio. Gone was the boxy look of the prior years. Replaced with a semi fast back with chiseled angles and a recessed rear window on the hardtops. This body would only last from 1966-1967 and would be replaced by the Second Gen in 1968

By 1966 the SS396 was it's own series. Model #s 13817 and 13867. The base Big Block 396-V8 was rated at 325 Horsepower. You could option it up to 360 Horsepower if checked off the right boxes at your local Chevy Store.

Options and colors were bountiful across the Chevelle/Malibu product range. Outselling its siblings from Buick, Olds and Pontiac almost 2 to 1.

Our feature 1966 Chevelle SS396 is a superbly restored example of a number matching car. Has the 360 horsepower engine, Turbo 400 transmission, power steering, upgraded dual port master cylinder, KYB shocks, disc brakes and painted the very popular Marina Blue.

The question as always is WHAT'S IT WORTH? SEE BELOW >>>

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