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Rolling Art Part 2 ...1948 Chevy Art Deco Dash Of Wonder

By 1948 the US Car Buying Public was hungry for New offerings from every Car Maker. Most of the 1948 USA Models were warmed over Pre-WWII Re-Hash. Despite that the 1948 Chevrolet's were big sellers in fact the most sold from Sea to Shining Sea.

Sometimes being a Re-Hash ain't so bad. The 48 Chevy's were stunners. From the graceful swooping fenders to its "Dollar Grin" Grille as GM's Slogan Guru's called it the last Pre War Chevy design was a Harley Earl masterpiece.

Can there be Beauty or Art in a Dashboard? We say Yes. From it's Art Deco Clock, Speedo and Gauges to it's Delicate Woodgrain the 48 Chevy Dashboard is indeed Rolling Art.

Picture a warm summer day. You have the top down on your 48 Chevy Fleetmaster Convertible. The purr of the Ole Stovebolt Six under the hood. You ease it into to first gear with your Three On The Tree Vacuum Shift and gaze at a Dash full of Art Deco and Woodgrain Wonder. Rolling Art at it's finest.

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