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What's It Worth? 1937 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe Coupe ..Another Harley Earl Design Masterpiece

Despite the blight of The Great Depression GM's in house Art and Color Automotive

Design Studio headed by Style Guru Harley Earl was on a roll. Thru the 1930's Harley Earl and his band of gifted designers penned some of the most iconic beauty's in automotive history. Chevy despite it being the Value Make received some of Harley's most "Glam" designs.

Flush with cash in 1936 GM did a major re-tool and re-style for Chevrolet at a staggering 26 million dollars. Big Bonzo Bucks in the Depression Era 1930's. Bragged by Chevrolet as the "Diamond Crown Speedline" look it's crisp luxury look at an econo price was a sensation with the car buying public. Smaller 16 inch wheels, a sharp body line and waterfall type grille were only a few of the design perfections that graced this masterpiece.

GM just din't stop with the looks. The reliable Ole Stovebolt Six was updated to 216 cubic inches with improved oil galleys and cooling. They still used the easy to produce "Babbit" or poured in main and rod bearings but as long as you kept it cool and flush with oil it was a robust if somewhat noisy system. This 90 horsepower version of the tried and true Stovebolt Six would remain unchanged till 1951 if you bought a car from GM's Bowtie Division.

Other mechanical improvements both good and bad sometimes were a reinforced frame, juice brakes and the sometimes trouble prone Knee Action Suspension if you bought the DeLuxe Series. All of this made the 37 Chevy a much more desired product over the warmed over offering from the Blue Oval People.

All of these upgrades added up to a great year in sales. Over 815,000 people made Chevy there choice in 1937. Staggering numbers considering The Great Depression was still looming in Pre WWII America.

Our feature 1937 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe Coupe is an interesting Classic Car in many way. It has recently been subject to a Home restoration but by the quality of the work it would put many Uber Priced Restoration Shops to shame. It is painted Black but the original color was Gun Metal Grey. We feel it did not hurt the value.

It is an High Optioned Chevy. Featuring the Banjo Steering Wheel, heater, brake lock, spotlight, foglights, dual taillights, dual stop lights, front fender signal lights, Deluxe Trim, optional hood ornament, beauty rings and the Rumble Seat to name a few.

The Stovebolt runs smooth and quiet. It shifts perfect. All gauges and accessories work perfect. Fit and finish are superb as is the black paint. It is not over restored so you would not fear taking it on a Sunday drive. A very Beautiful Ole Chevy.

So as always the big question is What's It Worth? Keep in mind it is a Master DeLuxe coupe and has a Rumble Seat. Workmanship is superb and is just so Darn Pretty. For this Special What's It Worth? we have included a Full Vintage Auto Appraisal Value Report. So.. What's It Worth? >>>> See Below >>>>

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