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What’s It Worth? 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau ..Chevy’s Mid Size Eldo

By the early 70’s if you were GM Personal Luxury Cars were a hot ticket. Pontiac Grand Prix, Buick Regal and the Oldsmobile Cutlass were sharing the stage with the all new for 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The restyle from the square-ish 72 models was almost forced upon GM due to the new for 1973 5mph bumper laws that came into effect. All cars from 1973 would have to meet safety regulations that the body would not be damaged from an impact of 5mph or less. 1974 would see the same law for rear bumpers.

Lucky for the Bow Tie Division the Monte fared better than most. In fact its sweeping lines were applauded by the automotive press of the day. Stuffed withal types of luxury, comfy interiors and the longest hood in Chevy history Motor Trend Magazine gushed over the Monte awarding it Car Of The Year in 1973 and claiming it was “The Eldorado For The Common Man” Perhaps Women Libbers of the day might of preferred the “Common Person”

Despite the crush of the OPEC Embargo in 1973 the Monte sold over 400,000 units. Maybe its smaller size compared to the other Behemoths in Chevyland made people think it was frugal as they waited on lines for gas in the Even and Odd number license plate days.

1974 and 1975 both saw minor re-styling. 1975 was also the first year for the dreaded Catalytic Converter. More regulations by “The Man”. 1976 was the first year for the quad square headlights but the last for the 454 Big Block.

By 1977 the Monte Carlo was the biggest car you could get in the Chevy Showroom since GM had downsized its big cars to meet ever increasing demands for better MPG. In 1977 the now almost dinosaur like Monte could only be purchased with the engines. The 305 Small Block or the legendary 350 Small Block V8. You could still order your 1977 Monte loaded to the hilt to make even an Oil Sheik blush.

1977 was also the last year for the big Monte Carlo. Model year 1978 GM would continue with the downsizing and the Monte as all GM Mid-sizers would become Bland Dull Wagon’s with tepid V6 engines and boxy slab styling. Another not so better idea by The General.

Our feature 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau is an all original 54,000 mile two owner car. Still sporting its original paint it has the 350 V8, tan bench seat interior and loaded with options. It has taken a slight Love Bite in the front header panel but drives and runs amazing. This 1977 Monte Carlo is also up For Sale by its current owner. For info click the CONTACT US tab on the top of the page or private Message us through our Facebook Page.

The values of these last Great Monte’s are on the rise. Low mile originals are hard to find since most were driven into extinction. WHAT’S IT WORTH?


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