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On The Road with Johnny B ..Finding "Up In Smoke" In Jersey

Lets just start by saying that ‘Ole Carlisle Johnny does not approve of drug use. Carlisle Johnny is also against any type of driving while under the influence of booze or any other mind numbing product. Many a time Ole Carlisle Johnny has called the local cab service to take him from place to place after a long night of Irish Car Bombs and Karaoke at The Village Way. So if you are planning on Blazing a Fatty and doing a few Boiler Makers..take a cab

If somebody asked me what is the best worst movie of all time my vote would go to the 1978 classic “Cheech And Chong Up In Smoke“ The basic plot after hooking up by accident both Cheech and Chong spend the entire movie in search of the perfect “Doobie” One of the best scenes involves a smoke filled 1964 Lowrider Impala. The smoke is the results of Chong’s special mixture of Maui Wowie and Labrador. After parking the car on a center median Cheech’s comment was “Wow Man !! I wonder what Great Dane tastes like” As stupid as this movie is it still makes me and my other dumb man friends howl with laughter everytime.

On a recent trip back from Carlisle Pa I had a very “Up In Smoke” experience with a New Jersey gas attendant. Since the price of fuel is always cheaper in Jersey I try to stop and fill up with Go-Go Juice before I get to New York. Pulling off Interstate 80 two exits before the George Washington Bridge brought to a dismal looking area. Pulling into a poorly lit BP Station brings out after a small wait a very ummmm Cheech looking gas dude. Looking semi worried he says “Ummm hey Mang how can ummmm help you?” Reeking like a combo of a Grateful Dead concert and Bob Marley his eyes were smaller than Mr Miyagi’s from the Karate Kid.

I told him “Fill it up..and where’s the bathroom” In a guilt filled look he said..” Ummmm ahhh in the back "Mang” As I approached the door I could smell the pungent aroma of days gone by. When I opened the door it looked just like the inside of Checch’s 64 Impala. More than likely the guilty look on the gas dudes face was due to the fact he just got done smoking a bowl in the John. I had to go around the back to to take care of things because as Cheech said in Up In Smoke ”My back teeth are floating” I paid for my gas and said goodbye. As I pulled away I spotted a him smiling with his gold tooth all I could think was “Mang that’s one happy gas dude” Cheech and Chong would be very proud.

Plus an added bonus of the opening scene from Up In Smoke

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