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On The Road with Johnny B ..A Few Thoughts On The Poop B Gone Van

Was driving home one night In Port Jeff Station I was parked in traffic next to the"POOP B GONE" van. From what I understand it is a service that comes to your property and De-Pooperizes your yard. In My brain that prompted a few questions..

How low on the job food chain have you gotten that you can't get a job at Taco Bell and are forced to go to Poop-B-Gone? What is the interview like? "Were do you see yourself in two years with Poop-B-Gone?" or “What special skills can you bring to Poop B Gone?”

What happens to the doggie poop after they clean it up? What is the training like? “Ok bend scoop, bend scoop, bend scoop”

If you do great at your job do you get awarded the Silver Pooper Scooper?

Do they charge more for different dogs? Poodle is $2.50 per scoop but a Great Dane is $6.50 per scoop.

Let just say you’re a young dude who is a Pooper employee and you meet a pretty girl how do you tell her what you do for a living?.. “Well you see I’m a Canine Excrement Engineer” Not even Hillary Clinton could spin that one.

Maybe they should send the Poop B Gone van over to those Beanheads in Washington. Seems like they both have been flinging a lot of you know what around for decades.

To be honest maybe it is not such a bad way to make a living. Make your own hours. The customer never argues with you. You get to be outside and you get to drive the Pooper Mobile. At my Auto Parts job I have been dealt with crap for 42 years. Maybe in some odd way I really do work for Poop B Gone..

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