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What's It Worth? Junk or Gem? .. A Gaggle Of Some Of The Worst "Charmers" Of All Time

Got Junk? At Vintage Auto Appraisal we love well ummm Junk. Seems like some of the most interesting stories involving old cars comes from some of the worst cars of all time. Our buddy Danny T decribes vehicles with questionable reliability, parts falling off, horrid quality control and next to zero resale value as "Charmers" To be sure the vehicles on this list were Charmers from day one.

Sure anybody can brag about a drive in a Ferrari or time spent restoring a classic Packard but it takes real car person to remember fondly the time their Chevy Citation went up in flames but still ran. Perhaps the axle falling off your Yugo comes to mind.

So take a What's It Worth? journey with us and feel all woozy over some of the worst "Charmers" ever built. More on the way we promise. >>>CLICK HERE FOR SOME OF THE WORST JUNK OF ALL TIME

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