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At Vintage Auto Appraisal We Offer The Best Appraisal Report In The Industry. See A Sample Appraisal

At Vintage Auto Appraisal we always strive to produce the best Value Reports, Pre Purchase Inspections, Diminished Value Reports, Estate and Divorce Vehicle Value Reports in the vehicle appraisal industry.

Our Appraisals and Value Reports are based on facts "Not just one persons opinion" Unlike most other Vehicle Appraisal Companies our finished reports show comps, history, 24 plus digital photographs,Vin ,ID, Data plate and drivetrain numbers and value based on the condition of the subject vehicle.

We base the value of subject vehicles on similar vehicles sold in similar conditon. You can ask a million dollars for a Yugo but that doesn't make a Yugo worth a million dollars.

You will receive your Vintage Auto Appraisal through email or mailed to your address of your choice. Emailed reports come in a PDF file for your protection. We also choose select vehicle to be subjects of "What's It Worth?"in Vintage Auto Appraisal Magazine.

To view a Vintage Auto Appraisal Value Report and see why we have the best product in the Vehicle Appraisal Industry >>>>CLICK HERE

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