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What's It Worth? 1980 Triumph TR7 Spider Roadster .The Shape Of Things To Come...Maybe

Poor little Triumph TR7 in many ways it never had a chance. Being next in line to replace the brawny TR6 was a task that would tarnish most new models. The TR6 was the last of the big six cylinder British Roadsters with little or no manners and full flex-a-matic frame.

The TR7 was a totaly new sheet of paper. The problem was no many people wanted the TR6 to be replaced. When the TR7 came out the tried and true old time sports car fan snubbed it harder than Rosie O Donnell being asked to a Jenny Craig meeting.

British Leyland was having labor troubles that led to horrible product quality. Even by British car standards. Adding to the mix was the tepid clanky slant four cylinder engine that didn’t sound very sports car like. Still these cars were much more advanced than the old timer TR6. Modern styling and comfy interiors made them much more liveable than the prior TR’s.

Steering was light and crisp on the “Flying door stop” as Car and Driver said in a 1975 road test. Triumph ads of the day bragged it was ‘The shape of things to come” Indeed it was but maybe at the wrong time.

Oddly these cars are now starting to stand the test of time and look almost modern these days compared to other cars of the era. many people blame the TR7 with killing Triumph in the USA. Maybe if they brought out the V8 powered Tr8 first thing might of been different. Like all Klingons the TR7 is rising in value due to the strong dollars the other TR’s bring.

We are sure they will never hit the values of TR6′s. As with all British roadsters buy the best one you can. If you are looking for a vintage roadster on a budget the TR7 is a good choice. Our feature 1980 Triumph TR7 Spyder Roadster is a low miles (34K) West coast car properly maintained and upgraded.


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