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What's It Worth? 1936 Chevrolet Master Deluxe 4 Door Sedan ..Style And Economy All In One

By 1936 Chevrolet was on a roll. The grip of The Great Depression had started to ease and that better times were on the way. Model year 1936 was a year of upgrades and improvements for the USA’s most popular brand.

The tried and true Stovebolt Six was now rated at 79 horsepower. All models including the Standard and Deluxe would get the smooth running 216 six cylinder engine.

For the first time in 1936 all GM cars would get an all steel roof and crisp Richie Rich styling by master Harley Earl. Wheelbases were longer too. From 109 inches to 113 inches.

Chevy ads of the day bragged it was the “aristocrat of it’s field”. The windshield was changed from a flat type to an attractive V-type. A trend that would be with Chevy till 1952. The convertible would also return after a one year vacation but was only available in the Master Deluxe Series.

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