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On The Road With Johnny B ..Blabbering About Old Car Magazines and VAA Hits Milestone's

One of the joys I have owning Vintage Auto Appraisal besides the Great Old Cars, Grand Stories and the Wonderful People I meet along Life's Highway is writing Vintage Auto Appraisal Magazine.

From my days as a Car Crazy teen in the 1970's when I picked up my first issues of Car and Driver, Hemming's Motor News and Cars and Parts I knew Old Cars were more about the Adventure, The People and a blessing filled life surrounded by them.

The 1960's and 1970's were what I call "The Golden Age Of Car Magazines" Amazing writers like David E Davis, Brock Yates, Warren Weith and other Shakespearian Mavericks filled my head with Tall Tales of Auto-Dom and made me want to be an Automotive Writer. A dream that would never go away side by side my Lust for Old Cars.

The Old Car Lust continued but I never became a David E Davis, Warren Weith or Jean Lindamood. Life happened. Mistakes with no regrets. 100's of Old Cars. 1000's of miles traveled on Life's Highway and plenty of Grand Tales. Dreams never die, you just put them away till another time.

I am far from one of the Automotive Hemingway Mavericks from Back In The Day but I really try hard to not "Stink The Joint Up" and writing for Vintage Auto Appraisal Magazine warms my heart, fills my soul and rekindled a Boyhood Dream. It has humbled and challenged me and I am blessed sharing it with you everyday. Adding to the mix in David E Davis style I wrote a Book. A Real Book..296 Hardcover with Stories Along Life's Highway. In fact that's the title. If ya wanna buy a copy >>>CLICK HERE>>>

As the saying goes "God works in Mysterious Ways" and as such we have been blessed with a some Milestones. Vintage Auto Appraisal now has 4800 readers per month and we just completed our 5000th appraisal (on a 1957 Chevrolet Handyman Wagon). No Car and Driver size readership or Carvana size appraisal count but still amazing. Thank You to all who follow our Blabbering's,Tomfoolery and sometimes Touching Moments. We will keep you in the loop of all "The Automotive Adventures On Life's Highway" Thank You All..

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