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On The Road with Johnny B ...Saying Goodbye To A Quirky But Trusted Friend

With the long overdue arrival of our daily driver 1994 Toyota Corolla DX it is with a tear in our eyes that we say goodbye to the Shrek of Automobiles the now award winning movie star car the 1979 Ford Fairmont. You will be heading back to semi retirement in the capable and loving hands of the Maloney Family and Northeast Trucking.

You proved that you don’t have to be pretty to be a special collectible car. It’s the story about the car, the scars and the hard miles you traveled that made you interesting. Much like brilliant flawed people it’s the imperfections that made you special.

We hope we put new life in you with the upgrades and care we did over these many months and you enjoyed new adventures. .You were always interesting. Never boring. Went from here to there with a frumpy charm and were quiet comfy with your 1970’s smooshy bench seat and crackling Philco Mono Tone AM/FM radio.

Long may you live our friend the Fairmont and enjoy new roads and adventures.

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