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What’s It Worth?? 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible ..Enjoying It's "Dollar Grin"

After World War II the public was starved for new cars. In 1946 when full production resumed the new cars were just warmed over pre-war models. The new car starved buyers didn’t care and snapped up anything they could.

1948 would be the last year for the Harley Earl pre World War II designed body. It would also be the last year for the trouble prone Vacuum Shift. The idea of the Vacuum Shift was thru aid of an engine provided vacuum tank shifting would be smoother and easier. Worked great when new but as the cars aged the vacuum tanks would become filled with moisture and on cold days you needed to be Hercules to shift the Three On The Tree Shifter. Chevy wouid go back to a conventional shift for 1949. 1948 would also be the last year for the floor mounted starter pedal. New for 1949 was the Oh So Modern Dash Mounted Starter Button.

Powering the 1948 Chevy’s was the tried and true 216 cubic inch "Stovebolt" 6 cylinder engine with a whopping 90 horsepower. The only transmission was the Manual Three On The Tree feeding a Torque Tube to the enclosed Rear Diff. Old school but worked great for Chevy since the 1920's The convertible was only available in the plusher Fleetmaster series. That would include a wood grained dash and added chrome and stainless trim.

Chevrolet's ads of the day called the large smiling grille “The Dollar Grin” If anybody was smiling it was Chevy because they had the best selling car in the USA again in 1948.

Our feature ”Satin Green” 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster Convertible has an older correct (except for the Hubcaps) restoration on a rust free Kansas car. It is in still wonderful condition. All operating systems are in great working order, including the power hydraulic top. This 1948 Chevy is driven and enjoyed as it should be. To See "WHAT'S IT WORTH SEE BELOW >>>

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