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On The Road With Johnny B ..More Life's Highway

Yep I’m a dreamer. That’s who I am. Never going to stop. Keeps me sane. Not sure if I will achieve all of my dreams but everyday I strive to make them happen slowly but surely, like erosion. Old VW’s, Triumph TR6's, Rusty Beach Wagon's The Beach, Health, Love of a Beautiful Woman, Prosperity, Making my Living with Vintage Auto Appraisal and Happiness for all My Loved Ones are what I pray for. I never ask The Lord for any Charity, winning Lotto Tickets or anything for Free just the opportunity to earn and be a better person everyday. He has always provided and will as long as I put my shoulder to grindstone and remain thankful.

One of my Dreams is to drive Coast to Coast in a 1930's or 1940's car. Starting out in San Francisco I would take the Old Lincoln Highway (US Route 30) across the USA till its end at a Carlisle Car Show. I would see this country and all its amazing sites and people along the way. A site filled Highway, an Ole Rusty Hulk and all the romance and mayhem that will ensue.

Sometimes you gotta make your dreams happen. Ask The Lord for a path and if it’s the right time in His Heart it will happen. When it’s time that Lonely Highway, the Whooshing of antique engine under the hood and Miles of Memories will happen.

Till than I will remain Thankful and feeling Blessed. See Y’all around Life’s Highway..

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