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On The Road With Johnny B ..Is "DUH!! TV" Ruining The Old Car Hobby?

Some of us know that Reality TV has nothing do with "Reality" but sadly many Beanheads in the world think that the Kardashian's life on TV is "Real"

When we watch other supposed Info or History type shows such as Pawn Stars and American Pickers we are lead to believe that it is factual when in fact it is Staged and Scripted. Now don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of American Pickers but what they pay for Cars and assorted Automotive related products is just plan Ole Crazy.

Being invloved in the Vehicle Valuation Industry we have to almost daily update our information to new trends and market prices but when somebody's calls you to do an appraisal on an old rusty 39 Plymouth and already they have an overly inflated value in their Crainium based on what "Frank" bought it for you have a hard time convincing them otherwise. It's TV folks not Reality..

As you know we love Old VW's but the market is out of control and getting to the point that average people can no longer afford good old Air Cooled Vee Dub's.

One of the reasons VW Luft Cooler Land is getting priced beyond Stupid is a few years ago when somebody with more money than sense paid $250K plus for a Multi Window Hippie Van it sent waves of DUH!! throughout Reality TV believing Pinheads. Probally the same people who think Kim and Kanye are a good example to young people.

Than the Wave's Of DUH!! continued. On a recent American Pickers Mike paid close to 10k for an unrestored Split Window. A non-running Splity in a barn. Was it "Reality"?? Naaaaa..

This is good news if you own an Air Cooled VW like Otto but bad news if you are new to the hobby and want to find a ground level vehicle such as an Old Beetle.

Part of the reason people got involved with old Bug's was they are cool, easy to fix, reasonable to purchase and cheap parts o-plenty. Now with the Non-Reality TV creating it's own Reality good ole VW's have become a luxury item.

As with any other trend greed, dealers and yes famous auctions all get on the Band Wagon inflating prices even more.

Not only does this effect vehicle pricing it makes parts prices soar. When I see a former frugal to buy stock door panel kit from a well known supplier go from $69.95 up to $159.95 in 3 years somebody is cashing in and thinking once again Reality TV is Real.

Even something as Real as Barrett Jackson rarely shows you any bargain cars. What people don't know is there are many more tent's filled with vehicles at down to earth prices. A 34,000 mile AMC Concord comes to mind that sold for $3895.00. Not a Duessy but a great car to get involved with the hobby.

They will never show that but will feature a Black and Gold Screaming Chicken Trans Am that was used in the Smokey and the Bandit Movie selling for and even dumber $500K. Well there goes the Screaming Chicken Market.

We refer to the 3 month's after Barrett Jackson as the "Barrett Jackson Hangover" This dementia stems from the masses watching TV Featured Vehicles that somewhat resemble something they own selling for six figures plus thus causing them to think there Pinto is worth $285,000. "No Sir we are sorry but your Chevette is not worth $112,000 because a Vette sold at Barret Jackson for that price" Power of DUH TV.

The basic problems are Human Greed and Selling Commerical Time. If knowbody was watching than this would never be a discussion but we are.

How do fix it? Beat up Mike and Frank? Naaaaa they are good guys. Stop watching? You know you won't. Advise others not to pay over-inflated prices? Yeah sure. Maybe the solution is "Everything that goes up must come down" Ride the wave till true reality kicks in? Ummm maybe kinda worked with Muscle Cars but not so much with British Sports Cars.

Sad part is there is an entire a generation that will never get the joy of finding a $500.00 Bug, scraping the Mold off it and just enjoying it. That same $500.00 Moldy Bug is now filled with "Patina" and is a $5000.00 Bug. Power of DUH!! TV again.

Careful fellow Car Nuts. Reality TV and your own greed might price you out of your own hobby.

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