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The Adventures Of Otto The Super Beetle ..Otto Gets A Mani-Pedi

We Finally got a chance to get Ole Otto out of the garage this weekend. Took him for a much needed ride. Nothing like the Whooshing the twin Weber IDF’s make thru the 1776cc engine and the growl of Otto’s 4 pipe Monza Exhaust. It was great Carburetor Weather, Crisp and Cold. Did an oil change (15w-40 Rotella please, nice and waxy) Also a long overdue Wash and Wax.

Our Buddy Otto shined up real good. Kinda The Vee Dub equal to a Mani-Pedi. Surprised how crusty he can get sitting in the garage.

Every inch of Otto is a wonderful memory for me. From the decades show plaques, asst plate toppers, oddball accessories, thoughts of my Grandpa driving me as a young Lad in his Black VW Bug.

Even the Rheingold Shift Handle makes me think of the old days of the New York Mets and I love how your left arm rests on the door when the window is open.

For us Old Cars should be about the memories, stories and wonderful people you meet along life’s highway.

Our Buddy Otto will go into a Semi-Slumber for the winter. All nice and spiffy with new oil. We plan on many new adventures for Otto next spring, summer and fall. Long live old cars and the people who cherish them..

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