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On The Road With Johnny B.. Tell Us Your Ole VW Funny “Disaster” Story

As you might of figured out by now at Vintage Auto Appraisal we adore Old Luft Cooler Vee Dub’s. Part of our love for these Little Buggers is the happy memories that come from them. Some of my fondest memories as a child was my Grandfather and his black Beetle. Perhaps the smell of oil and gas fumes that only comes from an Air Cooled VW Engine infected my brain at an early age.

If you are a Car Person in my age range (yes I’m old at 62 years young) you more than likely have owned a Beetle, Ghia or Bus. Part of the ownership of these personality filled but quirky vehicles is that on occasion they can implode unlike any other vehicle on the road. Most disasters involve rust, falling off parts, leaking oil, flames or electrical issues that Tesla couldn’t figure out.

Even our Buddy Otto The Super Beetle has had some Funny Disaster filled stories to tell thru our almost decade of owning Him. The setting the Rear Seat On Fire Disaster comes to mind..ugh!!

Despite these never ending cornucopia of problems these Ole Vee Dub’s have millions of loyal fans. Most with busted knuckles, driveways with oil stains and tow truck on speed dial. Perhaps the admiration and loyalty comes from the happiness of the looks of a Beetle.

Like the Henry Ford’s Model T the VW Beetle is an iconic shape that has been burned into our memories. Having owned over 150 classic vehicles over 3 decades of old car dementia no other vehicle get happy waves and thumb up than a classic VW Bug. If you are cruising around in your Old VW people will stop you and tell you stories of glory days and yes VW Funny Disasters.

We want to hear your Funny Disaster Story involving your Air Cooled Volkswagen. We will be posting a compilation of them in a future On The Road With Johnny B article. The winning Funny VW Disaster Story will be featured in a What’s It Worth and receive a FREE Vintage Auto Appraisal Value Report. A $250.00 value.

To share your VW Funny Disaster Story use the CONTACT US link on the top of our Website or private message us thru our FACEBOOK PAGE. Hear from Y’all soon..


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