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Vintage Auto Appraisal Want’s To See Your “Rold”

At Vintage Auto Appraisal we love all kinds of old cars but to be honest like a lot of us these days we are growing tired of over restored “Perfect” cars. Getting kinda boring. Like interesting people the most awesome vehicles are those with a little rust, crust, bumps, scuffs, history and all the blemishes from a memory filled life

We wanna see your Junk..ummmm Rold encrusted vehicle to feature in future What’s It Worth’s? for Vintage Auto Appraisal Magazine. Please be roadworthy, have lots of “Rold” (a combo of Rust and Mold) and a great story to tell.

Private Message by using the CONTACT US tab on top of the page to tell us about your “Rold-Mobile”

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