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What’s It Worth? 1970 Ford Maverick. Fords Sporty Answer To The Imports...Almost

If you were to ask an automotive historian this question “except for the original Ford Mustang what was Ford’s most sucsessful new car introduction??” If you said the Model A you would be wrong. In 1970 Ford sold over 579,000 new Mavericks.

Replacing the old school and slow selling Ford Falcon the Maverick was Ford’s answer to growing hoard of imports invading the USA. Not that the Maverick was such a radical departure from the Ole Falcon. It wasn’t. In fact it used the same basic drivetrains and engines. Six cylinders ranging from 170 cubic inches up to a 250. All called “Thriftpower” engines. If you got the the “Grabber” option you could get the tire smoking 302 V8.

The only auto trans was the tried and true C4. Ford bragged in it’s 1971 ad campaign how “simple” the Maverick was. Simple for sure. Not many options or glitzy add-on’s were available from your local Ford dealer.

As the years passed the Ole Mav suffered from stricter emissions laws and ugly 5 mph bumpers front and rear. When the Maverick was phased out in 1977 by another dullmobile the Ford Fairmont over one million had been sold. Oddly Ford Maverick’s have only recently became a semi popular collector car. Very few still exist. Mostly due to the fact that most people drove their Mavericks to death or rust made them look like Swiss Cheese

Some classic car people are only now starting to have a slight interest in the Maverick. Our feature 1970 Ford Maverick is a low miles (38K) original Arizona car. Has the upgraded "Deluxe" chrome package, no rust, 200 cubic inch Thriftpower six cylinder engine and C4 auto trans.

To See "WHAT'S IT WORTH" See Below >>>

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