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What's It Worth? 1974 VW "Otto" The Super Beetle ..We Put Otto's "Arse"

Everybody who is into Classic Vehicles has a “Bug Story” First brought into the USA in the late 1940′s the VW Beetle slowly but surely became a legend and a much loved vehicle. Millions of these little critters made us love its simple but rugged nature.

By Bug Story we mean some sort of a disaster or unexpected adventure that can only happen with an Air Cooled Vee Dub. Vintage Auto Appraisal owner Johnny B had his first Bug Disaster at the ripe old age of 19 when a pedal box dislodged from the firewall whilst going down hill. The ensuing spark show was something that would make the Grucci's proud. Oddly it's those stories that endear these crazy quirky Buggers in our automotive souls.

People who read Vintage Auto Appraisal Magazine know of our Mascot and Buddy Otto The "Super" Beetle. With Air Cooled VW Values on the rise and it being time to upgrade Ole Otto's insurance we figured we would do a much needed appraisal on our Little Luft Cooler Buddy.

Here's a little history of Otto..

Otto was purchased by Johnny B about 8 years ago from his job at Weber Carbs Direct. Prior to Johnny B Otto was purchased by Weber Carbs from a VW Nut in New Jersey to be a test mule for the Weber VW conversion kits. Prior to living in Jersey Otto spent most of his life in Arizona which explains him being "Rust Free" ..A rarity in VW Beetle Land in Salty Rusty Long Island.

The engine was rebuilt by Weber Carbs Direct aprox 5000 miles ago. It was enlarged to a 1776cc. with a triple angle valve job, high flow cylinder heads, Engle 110 cam and 009 Bosch distributor. Carburation at the time was a single 32/36 DFEV type Weber Progessive Carb. The prior owner before Weber Carb's also re-did the entire suspension with KONI GT-3 type gas shocks and struts, heavy duty poly bushings, upgraded sway bars, new tie rod assemblies and upgraded steering rack. Ole Otto handles like a slot car.

..Needing warehouse room Weber than sold it to Johnny B.

Johnny B being a nut for accessories, installed dual Weber 40IDF carbs as well a cornucopia oddball items. Otto has the following upgrades, accessories (some prior to Johnny B's ownership)

The prior mentioned Dual Weber 40 IDF carburetors plus..Pertronix electronic ignition, Monza 4 pipe exhaust, Centerline wheels, Billet bumpers and running boards, roof rack with period correct accessories such as surf board, Corona beer cooler and suit case with antique travel stickers,custom Harley Billet mirrors, outside mesh visor with custom VW center emblem, re-covered rear seat in black velour, VW coin changer (from Mexico Beetle taxi), Hurst short throw shifter, Rheingold beer shift handle, H4 headlights, red plexiglass visor wings, dummy spotlights, asst bumper badges, vintage window stickers, lifetime of dash plaques & stickers, chrome body kit, white VW logo mud flaps, retro (circa pre 1957) front hood chrome and Wolfsburg emblem, 1940 Ford fog lights, period correct licence plates, flush LED type taillights, 1974 New York inspection and registration stickers, CoCo Mats, GT Steering Wheel, Scat Sport Seats, custom stereo with remote and dash mounted light bar.