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Car Show News ..Reflecting On Years Gone By In Carlisle

I just turned 55 years old this July 4th. A milestone to be sure. As I’m getting older I see that certain choices in my life were good and others not so good. Now don’t get me wrong picking the correct wine at dinner is not a life changing event. By choices I mean life changing decisions. Back in 1999 after over 20 years of going to Carlisle Events car shows I moved to Carlisle Pa. We all had spent years going to Carlisle Car Shows and Swaps in all kinds of campers and devices to house our motley crew.

With luck and a unexpected conversation I rented my little house on Spring Rd between gates 2 and 3. Car guy heaven to be sure. I found alot of great things in Carlisle but mostly I found myself. I found my sanity. I found how strong my Mom could be when my Dad passed away. I found a church. I found out how amazing the car community was when Chip Miller left us.

I found that good friends last a lifetime. I found that I trust the wrong people sometimes. I found that you can take a concrete fish pond and make a swimming pool out of it. I found that taking the governor off a Golf Cart will make it go 40mph but get you in trouble with Fairgrounds Security.

I mostly I found how much I would miss it after I left. The Fairgrounds and where I lived was filled with good neighbors. One of those was Chip Miller. You could be a major player or Mom an Pop vendor he would always give you a smile, a handshake and his “Life is Good” attitude. When he left us all to soon it made me understand how loving and caring “Car People are.

I was asked to attend his memorial in Building “T” That honor and memory will stay with me forever.

I went back to Long Island for alot of reasons. Partly dumb choices and foolish pride. Things I tend to beat myself up over on more than one occasion. I missed my life as a Classic Car Appraiser and I see my life is going back down that highway again. I understand only recently that Gods plan was for me to spend the last four years of my Moms life with her in Long Island and make new lifetime friends

But when a place touches your heart you never forget. You tend to romance about the good things and forget the bad. The town of Carlisle and the magical place called The Carlisle Fairgrounds will remain that way to me. A lifetime of memories and friends will never be taken away.

Many years have passed since I left. I'm back the last seven years for every show and doing what I love Classic and Vintage Car Appraisals. Now making new and wonderful memories. What's Gods plan for me? I'm sure he will let me know. I just need to turn down the noise in my head sometimes..

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