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The Adventures Of Otto The "Super" Beetle. Otto Gets Some New Duds and Plans For Next Year

Being a Old Car Nut is tough sometimes. As you may or may not know I'm into odd accessories. It can be a tough mission finding stupid bolt on items to enhance your ride. Some people like it some people don't. As my friend Tony would say "Its just to busy for me" Hmmmm. No insult intended it was Tony's way of saying he likes things simple. Well not me. If there is stupid factory or aftermarket bauble I can attach I will. Sadly poor Otto can be the victim of my dementia. Not that he complains.

Part of the problem is owning a Classic Vehicle Appraisal Company I am always at some sort of car show or swap meet. Carlisle being the most attended. If you are looking a stupid useless bolt on item that will make purist cringe than Carlisle is the place. The other good news is VW made so many original Beetles that the supply of dumb factory accessories is endless.

This year was a banner year when it came to "Junk-a-facation" of Otto. Some of the add-ons included an outside visor, billet Harley Davidson mirrors, dummy spot lights, Corona surf board for the roof rack, old crusty luggage with travel stickers for roof rack, retro-fitting the front hood with pre-1957 wide hood chrome and Wolfsburg emblem, VW mud flaps, vent window wind wings, Rheingold shifter handle. asst old time window stickers, asst plate toppers and car badges, 1940 Ford fog lights, dash plaques from years gone by, installed rear velour seat cover, and cool VW T-shirts for me. Ugh it never ends.

Plans for next year include actually driving Otto more and not almost setting him on fire. Perfecting Otto's mechanics, installing front seat covers, installing grey velour headliner, two tone red and black door panels, dropping front end two inches, 4 wheel disc brake kit with Porsche patterns and new wheels and tires. Whew!!

Lofty goals and we will try to get them done by the spring. Otto needs to be driven next season. He is getting bored being stuck in the garage and so am I..

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