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What’s It Worth?? 1966 Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider ..The Graduate’s Favorite Ride

Very few movies define a decade. The 1967 Movie The Graduate defined the culture and the counter culture of the 60′s. In the movie Dustin Hoffman has no true aim in life. Has an affair with and older women and falls in love with her daughter. Along the way as he goes from place to place in scenic California with one of the stars of the movie a 1966 Alfa Romeo Spyder 1600 Roadster.

Before The Graduate very few people in the USA even knew what an Alfa was or even seen one. Sure our roads were filled with other sports cars like MG and Triumph but an Afla was as rare as Richard Nixon at Hippie Love Fest.

The Alfa Romeo Spyder 1600 was introduced in 1966 and was produced with many upgrades till 1993. Being Italian Alfa’s always marched to a different drummer.

They were noted for their crisp handling and very Italiano style. Engines were different too. Dual overhead cams fed thru dual Weber Carbs or problem prone fuel injection. The series one built between 1966-1969 had engines ranging from 1300-1800cc.

Many Alfa purists feel these early Spyders were the best for true sports car nature. Alfa’s love to be driven and drove hard. Alfa Romeo values have always been strong and on the rise due to loyal fans and strong club support.

Our feature 1966 Alfa Romeo Spyder 1600 is an older restoration holding up very well and is lovingly driven on sunny days. It is always driven with its top down and enjoyed as a vintage Alfa should be. Values on these early Alfa Romeo's are strong. So once again the big question is...


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