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What's It Worth? 1971 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Wagon ..Wasting Fuel And Making Al Gore Cry

Something odd happened to the big classic Land Barge known as the American Station Wagon the last few years. It became collectible. For alot of reasons. The first being very few have survived. After serving as Mommy Movers they led a 2nd life as haulers and work vehicles.

Another reason these are more scarce than Al Gore at a Monster Truck Show was when OPEC shut the gas off in the early 1970′s these Gas Hogs became scrap iron becuase very few people could afford to feed an 8mpg Road Torpedo.

With all of that many have still survived. Many car collectors like having a Big Ole Wagon in their stable of vehicles. They are perfect for car show trips and bring back fond memories of childhood when you, your crazy family and the Family Truckster would go on some long hot trip to parts unknown.

For model year 1971 GM large car platform had a complete re-do. The GM station wagons of the era were Whale like in size. GM was trying to prove bigger was better. Adding to the wagons elure was GM’s new Clam Shell Tailgate. With the turn of a key the tailgate would sink into the floor and the glass would rise into the roof.

Perhaps the grandest of these 19 foot long Land Yacht’s was the 1971 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser. Mostly a 98 Regency with fake wood on the side it was every bit a classic American Station Wagon. Car and Driver tested one these with the 455 Rocket V8 saying “Gets the groceries in a hurryBut “handles like a sea sick whale“

Our feature Best Station Wagon of All time is a low miles 1971 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser. Rescued from an estate it now serves duty as swap meet hauler and weekend cruiser. In superb shape it is powered by the 455 Rocket V8 that uses enough fuel to make Al Gore and all the Green People cry. WHAT'S IT WORTH??

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