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On The Road With Johnny B ...Gem or Junk Part 1 - Regrets I've Had A Few

As the New Year dawns my Brain Box tends to become nostalgic. Thru the soon to be 5 decades in collectible cars I have met amazing people, had some often times heartwarming adventures and filled my heart with memories "Along Life's Highway.

One constant in my Knuckle-Headed-Ness (I just invented that word) has been my love for oddball or eclectic vehicles from all years, makes and countries. It all started in 1974 when my Dad's friend brought home a shiny new Triumph TR6. That British Roadster and fueled by David E Davis and Car and Driver Magazine I embarked on an epic adventure that continues till today.

At age 15 my first car was a 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible. Bought for $500 from an Esso Station. I washed greasy pots at an Italian Restaurant to save that up, at the time it was a Kings Ransom. That crusty Ole Chevy introduced me to the hobby, how to not fix things and you can't use a 12 volt battery on 6 volt car.

Feeling nostalgic pondered how many vehicles I have Owned and Groaned over since 1975. Ya know I am not sure. A lot of the pics have been lost to the ravages of time but many still remain. From the 48 Chevy to a Benz CLK 55 AMG it has been an interesting journey that continues till today.

With that in mind decided to start a new series call "Gem or Junk" a look back at some of My Gems, Junk, Unfinished Project, Dashed Hopes, Fulfilled Dreams and a Cornucopia of Moans, Groans, Dumb Decisions and Skinned Knuckles.

As the Ole Frank Sinatra song My Way says "Regrets I've Had a Few" The regrets are a few for some Gems and Junk I let go.. but life moves on and yet again seeking a ummmmm Project.

So get ready for "Gem or Junk". Till then enjoy a Video I made of some of the Gems or Junk that has filled my life with adventure...

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