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What’s It Worth? 1974 Chevrolet Impala Spirit Of America ..A Very Patriotic Chevy

Despite the 1973 OPEC Oil Embargo Chevrolet was still selling alot of America’s favorite family car the Impala. Like most of the USA GM and Chevy were gearing up for Bicentenial in 1976.

Not wanting to miss out on all the patriotic fever Chevrolet introduced their “Spirit of America” models in 1974.

You could purchase three Spirit of America models. The Vega, Nova and the top of the line Impala. If you opted for the extra cash to be patriotic and purchase your Spirit of America Impala you got a very special car..sort of. Mostly it was and option and paint package.

For the Top Dog Impala your ‘Sprit” consisted of Glacier White paint, red white and blue stripes, full vinyl roof, special wheels and fendor skirts.

The interior was finished in white vinyl with either red or blue carpet. Special interior badges and colored keyed seat belts. Under the hood you got the tried and true but “smoggified” 350 Small Block V8, Shifting was done by the workhorse turbo 350 automatic.

Your suspension was typical large barge American car of the era. More like a boat than a car your Spirit of America Impala floated “like a butterfly” but did not “sting like bee” due to it’s tepid performance. You could option your Spirit Impala to the hilt with power everything. In most cases these cars came fully loaded.

For 1975 GM upgraded all cars to the very excellent HEI type ignition system. Sadly 1975 would also be the first year for the smelly and power robbing catalytic converters and unleaded fuel.

From day one they have been collectible. Many good examples still survive today. Our feature 1974 Chevrolet Impala Spirit of America is a low miles all original car. Having only traveled 19,518 miles it is a fitting tribute to a very “Patriotic” Chevy. WHAT'S IT WORTH?

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