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What’s It Worth? 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback “Resto-Mod ..Is This The Best 65 Mustang Resto-Mod In Ex

Unless you have lived under a rock the past 50 plus years you know the story of the Ford Mustang. The brain storm of then Ford CEO Lee Iacocca the Mustang has been a classic from day one.

The Mustang was credited with starting a new type of performance car known as a Pony Car. The Mustang’s huge sales success opened the door for other Pony Cars like the Camaro, AMX, Challenger and the Firebird.

From the start people with a need for speed have been Hot Rodding Mustangs. Early go fast pioneer Caroll Shelby took drab Stang’s and made them into legends of both speed and value.

The latest trend in the pedal to the metal world is making a classic car a “Resto-Mod“ What that means is keeping most of the classic looks with slight mods. Then upgrading to a modern ,safe suspension, brakes., wheel and tires

No Resto-Mod would be complete without the best in creature comforts, A/C and state of the art audio system. What you get is a fast, safe, user friendly classic that has all the style with the swagger to back it up.

Since the Movie Gone In 60 Secondsmade a 1967 Mustang named Eleanore a legend. Resto-Mods have become popular and valuable. In some cases even more valuable then their stock counterparts.


As with all custom work the value goes up or down with the quality of work. Our feature 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Resto-Mod is perhaps the best example known to exist. The work is flawless.

Upgrades include Baer 4 wheel disc brakes, 19 inch Cobra type wheels, Hotchkiss suspension, Griffin radiator, Race prepared 302 V8, leather interior, A/C, C4 Automatic trannsmission and a tire melting nitrous system.

These are only a few of the upgrades on this superb Resto-Rod. This modern equipped classic Mustang runs and drives as good as any modern exotic car. Being One Of The Best also commands a steep price. WHAT'S IT WORTH?

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