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Vintage Auto Appraisal Is Looking For Your Choice Of Great Cars Nobody Knows About

At Vintage Auto Appraisal we adore all kinds of cars but we have a real passion for the unusual. In world a Humm Drum Blah Wagon's there is an entire world full of Unknown Great Cars that very few people know anything about.

So we are putting a call out to all of our Car Geek Freinds to tell us about your choice for Unknown Great Rides. Your Oddball Choices can be from any Era, Size, Engine or Country. Just tell us why.

Two of our choices are the Ford Contour SVT and the Triumph Vitesse. Both of which would make awesome Daily Driver Classics. So what's your choice? Let us know by using the CONTACT US tab on the top of our website and you might be featured in Vintage Auto Appraisal Magazine.

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